Vision and Values

Our Vision

Mining Architect was born from the team's desire to create a project where NFTs can have real utility, supported by the existence of real miners in the real world.
Due to the sharp rise in prices for the necessary hardware, mining has become an exclusive activity, no longer within everyone's reach. Mining Architect's social mining model aims to give everyone the opportunity to carry out this, according to their possibilities, using a funny and friendly game environment.

Our Values

Mining. Green. Together.

Redistribute Wealth

Cryptocurrencies should be a valuable tool to redistribute wealth. Everyone should have the opportunity to operate their own small, medium or large mining farm.

Be Green

Cryptocurrency mining is often presented as very energy-intensive. Choosing the right ways and the right places to do this activity means supporting the environment in which we live.

Work Together

Operating a mining farm is certainly a very profitable business, but it requires a lot of investments. Acting as a community allows you to share costs and risks.