Mining and Redeem

Mining Architect uses its own hardware to dynamically mine cryptocurrencies, according to the most favorable conditions at all times. Mining can proceed alone or through the use of the best pools.

You miners need to be claimed every fixed interval (indicated in the NFT), and the new production will resume only after the claim. However, you can use uninterruptible power supplies (available in various rarities) to lengthen these time intervals and make mining more convenient.

You can always decide to use the tokens you mined in different ways:

  • Use the token obtained to upgrade your hardware;

  • Trading directly on the WAX network;

  • Swap the token into the reference coin (BTC, ETH...) and withdraw it on your external wallet.

You are the sole owner of what you have mined, and you can do what you want with it whenever you want!

The redeem can be done at any time. Redeem fees are variable, and depend mainly on the transaction costs on the network of the cryptocurrency you are withdrawing.

When making a redemption, always check that it is worth it, and that the transaction costs are adequate for the amount you are withdrawing.

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